See below the sites and detailed programme of each technical session                                        Programme-IBERAMIA’2022 (PDF)

                           Proceedings IBERAMIA’2022     9783030039271


Wednesday, 23th November
Thursday, 24th November
Friday, 25th November
8:00-11:00  Registration
(Campus de La Merced)
8:00-11:00  Registration
(Campus de La Merced)
8:00-11:00  Registration
(Campus de La Merced)

Salón Erendia
(Campus La Merced)


Explainable Deep Learning for COVID-19 data

Salón 213
(Campus La Merced)


Session 3A

Salón Erendida
(Campus La Merced)


Session 3B

Salón 213
(Campus La Merced)


Session 6A

Salón Erendida
(Campus La Merced)


Session 6B

Salón 213
(Campus La Merced)

10:30 -11:00
Coffee Break (Campus San Agustín)

11:00 -11:30
Coffee Break (Campus San Agustín)


Opening Ceremony

Auditorio Aula Máxima de Derecho
(Campus San Agustín)

11:00-12:00     Plenary Talk

Artificial intelligence for (climate) good
Dr. Nayat Sánchez-Pi

Auditorio Aula Máxima de Derecho
(Campus San Agustín)


Closing Ceremony

(Campus San Agustín)

12:00 – 14:00   Lunch Break

14:00 -15:00     Plenary Talk

AI as an extension of human intelligence
Iberamia 2022 Career Recognition Award talk
Prof. Paulo Novais

Auditorio Aula Máxima de Derecho
(Campus San Agustín)



Session  4A

Salón Erendida

(Campus La Merced)



Session  4B

Salón 213
(Campus La Merced)

15:00 -16:00

Session 1A

Salón Erendida
(Campus La Merced)

15:00 -16:00 

Session 1B

Salón 213
(Campus La Merced)

Coffee break (Campus de La Merced)
Coffee break (Campus de La Merced)

16:30 -17:30

Session 2A

Salón Erendida
(Campus La Merced)

16:30 -17:30

Session 2B

Salón 213
(Campus La Merced)


Session 5A

Salón Erendida
(Campus La Merced)


Session 5B

Salón 213
(Campus La Merced)

17:30   Cultural Reception

Symphonic Concert

School of Fine Arts.  Calle 39 Plaza de San Diego
(Google Maps)

18:30    Cultural Event & Awards Best Papers

Gala Dinner
Casa del Marqués – Plaza de la Aduana
(Google Maps

Bus Chiva, don’t  miss it


  • Technical Sessions and Workshops: Claustro de la Merced, Universidad de Cartagena  (Google Maps).
  • Open Ceremony and Plenary Talks: Campus de San Agustín. Universidad de Cartagena  (Google Maps)
  • Cultural Reception: School of Fine Arts, Calle 39 Plaza de San Diego. Cartagena de Indias. (Google Maps)
  • Cultural Event & Gala Dinner: Casa del Marqués – Plaza de la Aduana (Google Maps)
  • Iberamia meeting: 14:30, Thursday, 24th.

Detailed Programme. Technical Sessions

Session 1A,  23 Nov (Wednesday) 15:00 -16:00. Green AI (Session Chair: Nayat Sanchez-Pi)

  • Selection of Acoustic Features for the Discrimination between Highly and Moderately Transformed Colombian Soundscapes
    • Martínez Tabares, Orozco-Alzate
  • Multi-objective Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning using Genetic Algorithms: a Green AI Centric Approach
    • Ferro, Yokoyama, Schulze

Session 1B,  23 Nov (Wednesday) 15:00 -16:00. Simulation and Forecasting (Session Chair: Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia)

  • Design of E. coli Growth Simulator Using Multi-Agent System
    • López-García, Roa-Escalante, Soid-Raggi, Barreto-Flores, Portillo-Robledo, Ayala-Raggi
  • Quantitative models for forecasting demand for perishable products: A systematic review
    • Kaizer, Souza, Aylon

Session 2A,  23 Nov (Wednesday) 16:30 -17:30.  Ethics and smart city (Session Chair: Juan Pavon)

  • Sentiment Gradient, an enhancement to the Truth, Lies and Sarcasm Detection
    • Cardoso Durier da Silva, Bicharra Garcia, Siqueira
  • Crowdsensing on Smart Cities: a Systematic Review
    • Miranda, Ramos, Ribeiro, Rodrigues, Silva, Duraes, Analide, Abelha, Machado

Session 2B,  23 Nov (Wednesday) 16:30 -17:30. Poster presentations.

  • FeetGUI: A Python-based computer vision tool to support anesthesia assessment procedures using infrared thermography
    • Tobon-Henao, Lotero-Londoño, Collazos-Huertas, Daza-Castillo, Valencia-Marulanda, Calderón-Marulanda, Aguirre-Ospina, Alvarez-Meza, Castellanos-Dominguez, Loaiza
  • An Investigation of Performance Indicator Prediction for User Experience of Connectivity in Smart Vehicles
    • Skiöld, Arora, Mihailescu, Balaghi
  • Heart disease diagnoses: a study regarding assigning credibility to evidence
    • RIBEIRO, Bicharra Garcia, Santos
  • Proposal of a software translator with interlanguage translation resources, Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) – Portuguese
    • Gava, Inacio, Kleine, Souza, Bidarra, Martins, Rocha, Leite Gomes

Session 3A,  24 Nov (Thursday) 9:00 -10:30. Applications of AI (Session Chair: Paulo Novais)

  • Modelling urban traffic configuration with the influence of human factors
    • Moreno Román, Moreno, Porras, Pavón
  • An AI–based approach for failure prediction in transmission lines components
    • Reyes Ballesteros, Hernández Corona, Hernández Valdez, Rejón, Gutiérrez, Montes, Valverde
  • Applying Anomaly Detection Models in Wastewater Management: A case study of nitrates concentration in the effluent
    • Oliveira, Duarte, Novais

Session 3B,  24 Nov (Thursday) 9:00 -10:30. Machine Learning (Session Chair: Nestor Darío Duque Mendes)

  • A General Recipe for Automated Machine Learning in Practice
    • Vazquez
  • Insights from Deep Learning in Feature Extraction for Non-supervised Multi-species Identification in Soundscapes
    • Guerrero, Restrepo, Nieto-Mora, Daza, Isaza
  • Evaluation of Transfer Learning to improve Arrhythmia Classification for a small ECG Database
    • Montenegro, Peixoto, Machado

Session 4A,  24 Nov (Thursday) 14:00 -16:00. Robotics (Session Chair: Jose Martinez-Carranza)

  • Where are the Gates: Discovering Effective Waypoints for Autonomous Drone Racing
    • Rojas Perez, Martinez Carranza
  • Probabilistic logic Markov decision processes for modeling driving behaviors of self-driving cars
    • Negrete, Machucho, Rivera, Trejo, Vargas, Avilés
  • Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation of Feet using Infrared Thermal Images
    • Aguirre-Arango, Collazos-Huertas, Daza-Castillo, Valencia-Marulanda, Calderón-Marulanda, Aguirre-Ospina, Álvarez-Meza, Castellanos-Domínguez, Mejía-Zuluaga
  • Depth estimation from a single image using line segments only
    • Nava Zavala, Martinez-Carranza

Session 4B,  24 Nov (Thursday) 14:00 -16:00. Machine Learning (Session Chair: Hugo Jair Escalante Balderas)

  • Model Compression for Deep Reinforcement Learning Through Mutual Information
    • García-Ramírez, Morales Manzanares, Escalante Balderas
  • The Impact of Allostatic Load on Machine Models
    • da Rosa Fröhlich, José Rigo, Rosecler Bez, Rocha de Oliveira, Ricardo Zibetti
  • Evolving node embeddings for dynamic exploration of network topologies
    • Enes, Nunes, Murai, Pappa
  • Fast Kernel Density Estimation with Density Matrices and Random Fourier Features
    • Gallego M., Gonzalez O, Osorio

Session 5A,  24 Nov (Thursday) 16:30 -18:00. Applications of AI (Session Chair: Mariza Ferro)

  • Learning Automata Using Dimensional Reduction
    • Kubon, Rychtera, Mraz
  • Optimal Architecture Discovery for Physics-Informed Neural Networks
    • de Wolff, Carrillo, Martí, Sanchez-Pi
  • Gait Patterns Coded as Riemannian Mean Covariances to Support Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis
    • Olmos, Galvis, Martínez

Session 5B,  24 Nov (Thursday) 16:30 -17:30. Applications of AI (Session Chair: Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia)

  • Impact of ECG signal preprocessing and filtering on arrhythmia classification using machine learning techniques
    • Miranda, Casadei, Silva, Mayorca-Torres, Peluffo-Ordoñez, Mora-Piscal, León-Salas, Ayala
  • Forroset: A multipurpose dataset of Brazilian Forró music
    • Ferreira-Paiva, Alfaro-Espinoza, de Souza Vieira Santana, Martins Almeida, Bomfim Moitinho, Bonato Felix, Vilela Alves Neves

Session 6A,  25 Nov (Friday) 9:00 -11:00.  Natural Language Processing (Session Chair: Mariza Ferro)

  • Antonymy-Synonymy Discrimination in Spanish with a Parasiamese Network
    • Camacho, Camera, Etcheverry
  • LSA-T: The first continuous Argentinian Sign Language dataset for Sign Language Translation
    • Dal Bianco, Ríos, Ronchetti, Quiroga, Stanchi, Hasperué, Rosete
  • TSPNet-HF: A Hand/Face TSPNet Method for Sign Language Translation
    • Miranda, Casadei, Silva, Silva, Alves, Severo, Freitas
  • Phonetic speech segmentation of audiobooks by using adapted LSTM-based acoustic models
    • Hanzlíček, Matoušek

Session 6B,  25 Nov (Friday) 9:00 -11:00  Machine Learning (Session Chair: Luis Enrique Sucar)

  • Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Classification Based on Local Information
    • Serrano-Pérez, Sucar
  • Markers of exposure to the Colombian armed conflict: A machine learning approach
    • Cano, Isaza, Sucerquia, Trujillo, López
  • Early Detection of Abandonment Signs in Interactive Novels with a Randomized Forest Classifier
    • Navarro-Alamán, García-Magariño, Gómez Sanz, Lacuesta, Fuentes Fernández, Pavón
  • A novel methodology for engine diagnosis based on multiscale permutation entropy and machine learning using non-intrusive data
    • Mejía, Quintero Riaza, Gutiérrez Madrid, Ramírez Alzate, Romero Piedrahita