Trujillo, is known as the «Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera.» Located in the northeastern part of Peru, it is the capital of the department of La Libertad. Trujillo, is located near the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, in a coastal desert region.
Founded in 1534 by Miguel de Estete and well fortified to avoid the assault of the pirates. It was provisional capital of Peru during its independence. It is actually the third city of Peru by population.

Tourist Places:

Trujillo has several tourist attractions, some of them are:

  • Chan Chan, is the largest adobe-built city in America and the second in the world.
  • Huacas del Sol y la Luna, this archaeological complex was the capital of the Moche culture during the centuries I and VII A.C.
  • Huanchaco, is a watering place historic and a Peruvian city located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, now part of the » Ruta Moche».
  • Centro Histórico, it is part of the cultural heritage of humanity. It has well preserved buildings, majestic monuments and charming streets.
  • Trujillo has other tourist attractions such as: Museums, Churches, Cultural Centers, Fishing Ports, Archaeological Complexes (inside and outside the city).

More reasons to visit Trujillo:

  • Gastronomy
    The northern food is enjoyed with great passion. Some typical dishes of the region: «Cebiche», «Cabrito con frijoles», «Shambar», «Sopa Teóloga».
  • Festivities
    Two of the most important festivities in Peru, is gathered in the city of Trujillo: «El Festival de la Primavera» and «El Concurso Nacional de Marinera». There are other types of festivities such as: «Festividad de San Pedro -Salaverry», «Fiesta de San Isidro Labrador – Moche», «Feria de la Inmaculada Concepción» – Salaverry.
  • Economy
    Trujillo is an agricultural, commercial and transport center due to the production areas around it. The asparagus, sugar and footwear industry stands out.

Tours Program: