IBERAMIA 2020 will host the prestigious PhD thesis competition. Participants with PhD thesis approved by the committee from January 2018 till May 2020 are eligible to submit their work.

Submissions should include:

  • The PhD thesis material
  • A letter from the advisor stating that the thesis was already defended and approved
  • A 4-pages summary including the following items:
    1. Thesis title
    2. Thesis committee members’ names
    3. The research topics area (use the IBERAMIA area or write Others: describe)
    4. The application domain
    5. The research objective
    6. The problem being addressed in the research
    7. The relevance for society or for the AI area
    8. The theories grounded the research
    9. The research method used, in particular how the results were evaluated.
    10. The research contribution (scientific)
    11. The technological contribution (Did the research resulted in a product (software or hardware) that can be used? Did it solve ant real life problem solved?)
    12. The expected impact for society with the results of the research
    13. List 4 (four) bibliographic references, in the field of AI (from other authors), related to the work, which served as a basis and were cited in your thesis.
    14. List the publications generated so far by the research (you as one of the authors) including Research Indices to measure quality of Research Publications

The PhD thesis will be judged considering the following Evaluation Criteria

  • Research contribution (advances in the area of AI)
  • Robustness of the results (replicability of the results)
  • Applicability (usefulness in real world applications)

Submissions and deadline

Please send all enquiries and suggestions about this issue to the IBERAMIA-2020 Program Chair, at the email address pc-chair@iberamia.org